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Laser technology and art at work ....
You may have seen different figures inside Crystals before, but we offer you a rare opportunity of having your own photographs engraved in a 2D or 3D Crystal of your choice.
Our high quality Crystals, once engraved, will retain your image within the crystal for many years to come. The image will not fade or deteriorate over time in the same way photographs do.
The 2D process
We use the same technique to create a 2D crystal as we do with 3D crystals.

Please visit one of our locations where we will capture your image using a specialised 3D camera.

We will take a number of images, which will allow us to use the very best photograph for laser engraving.

Once you decide on the type of crystal you want the laser engraving process begins!

Point cloud created
Image engraving within crystal using specialist laser engraver
We truly believe this is a great gift idea!
This is a great idea whether you keep them for yourself of give them as a gift!
Your image scanned
The 3D process
A 2D crystal makes an ideal gift for anniversaries, birthdays, christmas, graduations, mothers' day, fathers' day, valentines day and christenings; especially for those who have everything!
All we need is an original photograph (close up) either in electronic (jpeg) or printed format. Please note, the quality of the engraving is reflected in the quality of the photographic image you are able to supply.