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Our Crystal Light Stand is the perfect way to display your 3D crystal cube at home.

The Stand features a foam cushion which grips the crystal keeping the crystal secure whilst shining a super bright white LED's directly onto the crystal giving it a showroom effect.

The base can be used for any crystal shape / size and requires 3x AA Batteries.


These crystals make absolutely amazing keepsakes. I've ordered a few times with people's images and animals, always excellent quality and detail..
Emma L. - 26th December 2020
So very happy with the light, when it's on it gives a new special look to the picture inside.
Malcolm N. - 20th December 2016
Samantha K. - 18th December 2016
Lauren P. - 11th December 2016
Christine L. - 25th November 2016
lesley h. - 19th November 2016
laura w. - 15th November 2016
Christopher M. - 15th October 2016